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Ontological explanations behind society

In all things metaphysical, everything is in various levels of emanations, but not everyone knows the source of it all, neither know how things emanate and why. Let’s begin with good and bad. Good is in example: logos, beauty, arithmos, art, nature, wisdom, noumena, principles, explanations, while bad is absence or lack of good. Bad is also the evil mindset behind the reification of itself as its own principle in direct opposition to good instead of being an necessitative emanation of bad just as light creates shadows but shadows are not a thing in itself yet we deceive ourselves into thinking those shadows are the light that can exist independently from the light. Light is actually invisible, it is only visible when it “hits” something and goes into our eyes that picks up red, green, and blue within the visible spectrum, so magenta is an illusion that is not on the light spectrum, our eyes just treats the absence of green as magenta, negative green, the light color wheel Goethe made is what is observed but it is not based soley on how light actually functions but on how we perceive colors in our minds. As light is to matter that gives off a shadow in the presence of light, so is wisdom is to knowledge that gives off a form of knowledge in the presence of wisdom. Wisdom can differentiate what is real knowledge from what is false knowledge. Real knowledge gives explanations of a principle, false knowledge is…

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Impossible lifelong goals to strive for

Enough of the reasons why we can’t have nice things, most of mankind don’t know what are nice things to begin with which is why people don’t pursuit them. I won’t guarantee that you will get all these nice things, but at least you cah promote people to seek them and if you better their lives, it will trickle down to you if there’s enough people that recognize your heart and mind in educating them in things that are true and avoiding what isn’t. I have achieved some of these goals, but obviously not all of them. The goals that takes less physical work takes more mental work and vice versa, while some of these requires specific skills and mindsets that doesn’t come so easily. As you look into these goals more and more, you will realize how it is impossible to get everything off this checklist while alive, and while after death, isn’t guaranteed if you don’t meet some of the things in the checklist, but a spiritual successor to these goals might come around for you. This is more of an incomplete outline for a small book if I’ve also put in my other articles into this in their own chapters that elaborates on these things. Educate yourself about anything and everything possible that interests you for the rest of your life. Try to master it unless if it isn’t worth mastering. Being good at a few things that you are willing to invest your time in can…

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Huge changes

I have made a ZeroNet blog which if you don’t have ZeroNet installed, you could use a proxy like or or as an example. I’m also going to delete some of my old posts and eventually settle with a new non ICANN controlled domain that isn’t also controlled by the US at the very least, and at most, not within the Five Eyes network, unless I give up in that endeavour which I’ll let you guys know. I’m also going to ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ so yeah, that’ll be fun.

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Name of Satan

The claims concerning the definition and identity of Lucifer is completely and utterly dependent on context of how it’s used in a sentence. The bible jumps back and forth from literal to metaphorical. The bible also makes its own definitions. Let’s take a look at the following: 2Peter 1:19 talks about a day star which astronomically tends to be the planet Venus although it doesn’t necessarily have to be Venus since other planets in the solar system also shows up in the morning time (see: An Explanation of Morning and Evening Stars) but nevertheless, the context is metaphorical. 2Peter 1:19-21 says: 19 We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts: 20 Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. 21 For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. First of all, the false assumption made here by Gnostics is that the Judahites were allowed by God to worshiped the stars as deities. The stars in the sky are there to show a passing of time. These people didn’t have TV and watched the skies carefully, and although Venus is commonly associated with the day/morning star, it isn’t always the case, while the point…

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The Three Methods

There are only three methods. There’s the Inductive method, the Deductive method, and the Apophatic method. Abductive and Retroductive are only descriptions that are taken too literally by people that looked into Charles S. Peirce, and he hasn’t fully described them on that book he died before finishing. The current expert in Apophaticism is Ken L. Wheeler, he had only rediscovered what was lost in ancient Monistic literature from Greece, India, and Egypt. The Inductive method is like individually picking up strands of hay from a haystack until you find the needle. The Deductive method is like tracing back to see where you’ve last dropped the needle in the haystack and look around that general area that by your deductive logic has to be there. The Apophatic method is like remembering that the needle is metallic, that the haystack is flammable, so you simply get rid of the haystack by burning it all up, leaving only the needle. In all three, everyone knows that the needle should be in the haystack, but the logic is different. If you follow the Inductive method’s logic, if you keep on having null results over and over again until you hope on finding by sheer chance, by mistake, you essentially expect doing the same thing for essentially ad infinitum to expect a different result by mistake. If you give up, you would have to illogically conclude that the needle is gone when you know that it’s there. If you follow the Deductive method’s logic,…

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The reason why only the few grasps Monergism

The central point of the reason why only the few grasps Monergism is that it is God whom chooses who would understand the Gospel message from heaven down to earth, not from earth up to heaven. The true Gospel message hardens that hearts of many people which then leads them away into Synergism. The reason why Christians pray for the salvation of others including corrupted people is because it is only God whom hardens or softens the hearts of others, it is God who has the power to save, not people. People can gain the trust of others through works, but you can’t merit salvation through your works to God. Many, many people in history had tried to explain some things concerning Monergism but they had failed to because they are not God which ironically leads people to seek God more yet had left many vulnerable to heresies of compromise to Synergism. Believe it or not, Aurelius Augustinus only defended the false doctrines concerning Mary because of his mother told him to defend. Believe it or not, John Calvin is one of the most brilliant man that understood the gospels more than those before and after him that people twisted his words to make him look more of a crook by dishonest historians. Believe it or not, R.C. Sproul had promoted Presuppositional Apologetics and the Orthodox Partial Preterism eschatology (as did debatably John Calvin and many Early Church fathers) yet ended up pushing the heretical Lordship Salvation Synergistic compromise doctrine.…

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Just a reminder 8

I’m on Diaspora*. Make an account via this invite link and see my profile here. Due to security reasons and among other things, I’ve decided to abandon the use of the favicon. I might one day create a blog on Zeronet but until I share the link on my website here, I don’t have one. Don’t give them enough time to change your votes, vote on the last day if you’re going to vote. The system was broken for a very, very long time, so to assume any form of responsibility for the actions of corrupt leaders because you’ve voted is an illogical conclusion which no thinking man would ever accept such asinine guilt tripping, while your great-grandparents and their parents had made too many mistakes beyond the point of no return which cascaded and amplified into the current generation being the last domino piece to fall. Although Trump is the lesser of four evils (yes, he’s better than Johnson and Stein you stupid Liberals and Communists!), he’s not a substitution of Jesus Christ. God’s remnant believers will gladly die for their faith in Jesus Christ over humanity itself when it comes down to it. Go ahead and prep, but don’t worship prepping over your assurance of your salvation in Jesus Christ or else you will risk your own salvation by adopting Molinism, Arminianism, Lordship Salvationism, Word of Faithism, and whatever compromising gnostic twisting of the scriptures that deceives you into rejecting God. If you really are saved by faith…

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Hidden Agendas behind the Tax Honesty Movement

Don’t get me wrong, there is much truth coming from the Tax Honesty Movement, but among these groups, there’s hidden subgroups that pushes some destructive propaganda and diverts your attention away from deeper truths concerning the united states of America, as well as geopolitics, even ideologies that comes directly from the Oligarchs. Many of these people are really at the mercy of the judges’ own interpretations on whether or not they decide to use the spirit of the law or the letter of the law. Not only that, they are also at the mercy of ever changing laws that would come in the future under evil people. Some of the subgroups under the Tax Honesty Movement are seeking to form what is practically the same as the Sovereign Citizen Movement except as through misinterpreting religion, primarily Christianity. In one hand, the subgroup hides behind the facade of the Tax Honesty Movement but on the other hand, not only misinterpret scripture to suit their eisegetical, heretical agendas and make you think that their way is the only way, they honestly believe that they can use “Church Immunity” to be exempt from taxation which if you are a genuine researcher in history, you will find that many Christian groups were persecuted for not paying their taxes that they believed that they didn’t owe, all the while, only Christianized nations didn’t bother with taxing churches. These extremists are so blinded by their confidence in the system while at the same time hating the…

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Time in Metaphysics and Christianity

Time is passing of magnitudes. Time doesn’t exist. Your memories exists in your mind and soul but not in “time”. Zero isn’t a number but it represents magnitude. Time is a measuring stick. There’s much effects observed through passing of time, but time is not the cause of that effect directly. How the Christian Bible defines time isn’t against the purely Neoplatonic understanding of time directly. The rudimentary principle (see Colossians 2:8) are the orderly arrangements of the cosmos set in motion by God which the sun and the moon shows day and night and the passing of time observable. Eternity isn’t bound to said rudimentary principle, but there can be events occuring in the New Heaven, New Earth, there won’t be however, any rudimentary principle that governs the world now for the Lamb of God becomes the light of the world and have no darkness, no sea, no stars, no sun, no moon. It is God that sustains eternity as a continual miraculous state that’s the greatest testimony that God is who He is and only the saved would desire to be a part of the final parousia while those that doesn’t seek to be raptured as how the Book of Revelation in and of itself explains how it would happen actually adds to it and in doing so, seeks not to hear the last trump which by the way, is after the seventh which the seventh trumpet already happened in AD 70. How the Christian Bible defines time…

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Health Conclusions 2

Perhaps this is my last conclusion concerning health though there is no Health Conclusions 1, there is Conclusions 1. I’m slowly running out of things to share for I’ve seem to reach the limit of human healing in this era in history. Perhaps the future really does lie in genetically modified evolution and in XNA, but in its process, will lower the current population of the earth. Would we form entities greater than ourselves that would replace us? If so, I’m right in saying that we’ve reached a dead end as humans, we can’t ever escape death through our works and that it always was a fool’s errand. As many Intelligent Idiots had said: “Life sucks and then you die”, one can’t help but to think like a nihilist in such mindsets, but there is a soul as there is a signal, but the receiver doesn’t cointain the soul, just like there’s no little men behind the TV or the radio. It is for humanitarian purposes that one seeks to lessen the pain that we all have in our lives as we seek to innovate our problems away, but until we break through a singularity into a paradigm shift, for most people, we can only seek comfort among each other no matter how meaningless it might seem to be while seeking after dreams that are worth dying for to elevate humanity in which is always better than nightmares that are not worth living for to destroy our humanity. Utilize Homeopathic…

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