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Hello again!

It has been exactly a year from my first post: Hello there! and I’m taking some time to “refine” my posts or make new ones in place of it and put the older posts that it was based off of in an archival category called “Impurities“. It would probably take a month or two to complete this. – Exousia & Dunamis

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The Death of the Truth Movement

It’s been 15 years since 9/11/2001 three towers were detonated not just with C4 but also with nukes beneath the Twin Towers that vaporized the asbestos filled, silver filled towers at free fall while the Pentagon gets hit by a missile and George Walker (Bush/Scherrf + Perci) reads a children’s book upside down. 19 years since 9/11/1997 NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor reaches Mars. 25 years since 9/11/1991, George (Bush/Scherff) Sr. made the New World Order speech. 66 years since 9/11/1950, President Harry S. Truman approved military operations north of the 38th parallel (The Korean War was also a false flag operation). 190 years since 9/11/1826 Captain William Morgan, an ex-freemason is arrested in Batavia, New York for debt after declaring that he would publish “The Mysteries of Free Masonry”, a book against Freemasonry. 227 years since 9/11/1789 Alexander Hamilton is appointed the first United States Secretary of the Treasury. 367 years since 9/11/1649 Oliver Cromwell’s English Parliamentarian troops take the town and execute its garrison ending the Siege of Drogheda. 790 years since 9/11/1226 the Roman Catholic practice of public adoration of the Blessed Sacrament outside of Mass spreads from monasteries to parishes. 911 is IXXI which is just a part of the Kabbalistic Tree of Knowledge and also the two pillars and the square and compass in which the compass contains the eye which to them is the anus, their upside is down, the crown is affected by the root (but not to be mistaken with the base chakra),…

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The Cancerous Jewish Identity

There has never ever been a multilayered, decentralized, distributed, transparent, private, hidden network as mind boggling to decipher and explain in its entirety ever to be found in the history of civilization as we know it in its fullest extent of its relatively unbridled power a mortal could ever be deceived and be unwillingly be a part of its malevolence that has one of the highest respect an adversary could receive from their enemies as a worthy foe that absolutely must not be underestimated at all costs, concerning the Jewish Identity. In my research, I’ve gained more than just a feel of its metastatic nature, but just a wider vantage point which can always be improved on in time’s passing. In comparison, the Jesuit conspiracy is an infant, the Venetian conspiracy, child’s play. I can only give descriptions, descriptions that are not necessarily denotative, singular, irrefutable, but somewhat extensive as an article. Current and future journalists and historians might see this and say, an attempt was made but failed to provide much useful information that they didn’t already know. I do this for my own conscious, but I also do this for the truth. Everyone is born into a race, era, nation, class, and gender, but the Jewish Identity is ridiculously transparent in that the more vague it becomes, the less one can discern from others as to what it is to begin with for it reinvents itself so often and had survived this long that it is nothing short…

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Statements of The Faith

Since most of you are so hopelessly oblivious to the reformed Christian faith, I’ve decided to share with you multiple “Statement of Faith”s that I generally agree with besides some minor trivial facts and linguistic snares which the definitions changes in context and etymology that doesn’t change the core foundational truths that all these “Statement of Faith”s are in agreement with each other. Statement of Faith – Alpha and Omega Ministries: We believe the Bible to be the written revelation of God, complete and sufficient in all respects. We believe the Scriptures to be “God-breathed” and therefore fully authoritative in and of themselves; they rely for their authority upon no church, council, or creed, but are authoritative simply because they are the Word of God. The Scriptures, as they embody the very speaking of God, partake of His authority, His power. We believe in one true and eternal God, unchanging, unchangeable. We believe God is the Creator of all that exists in heaven and in earth. The God who is described in the Bible is unique; He is unlike anyone or anything else in all the universe. God has all power, all knowledge, all wisdom, and is due all glory, honor and praise. All that comes to pass does so at the decree of God. All things will, in the end, result in the glory of God. We believe the Bible teaches that there is but one being of God, yet there are three Persons who share this one being…

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Some Examples of Memetic Psychological Operations

The Jewish controlled Communist Russians had brought disinfo concerning the moon landing to be a hoax into America to have the Americans lose their trust in the system and the funding that went to NASA which by the way, the inventions that were made in order to fulfil the dream that JFK had presented had contributed to the American economy in supplying a steady source of new ideas and industry structured around innovation for the technology used for the space program in turn has multiple uses from finding and utilizing a better source of energy, defense, transportation, infrastructure, computations, communications, life preservation, understanding of nature, and many more. The UFO disinfo that the US and Russia had was to trick each other and also to cover their own secret flying machines in the realm of aviation as UFOs, though among the various UFOs recorded by people, how much of it were of extraterrestrial source is for me, not that clear but what I do know is that most of it isn’t really reliable because they’re controlled by people with a monopoly in getting money from people by hiding some of the things that they know of, groups like MUFON which Joe Jordan exposed. The more practical explanation is that UFOs are controlled by people in secret government bases. NASA unfortunately, had become a political tool for Prince Philip controlled environmentalists and their NGOs after JFK’s assassination, as well as being blamed for faking pictures on Mars on Devon Island, Canada,…

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Christian Eschatology verses Zionist Misinterpretation

Though many would disagree concerning what the Reformation Christians believed in, some of them were “Preterists” which there’s two forms of “Preterism” that is known: Partial Preterism and “Hyper” Preterism. “Hyper” Preterism is saying that all of the events in the book of Revelation had already happened. That’s the one many know about concerning Preterism but not Partial Preterism which considers the 1000 year reign as a figurative, symbolic age of the church that Jesus Christ would reign through the Holy Spirit to all of the world through Christians. At the end of that 1000 year reign, the spiritual Jerusalem that is the Christians wherever they are, are in danger since after the figurative 1000 year, Satan gets out of the abyss and deceives many, in tempting people to go against God and His Christians. God puts an end to it all for good through a “fire baptism” of punishment that burns up all the unbelievers up and also burns up the oceans and cleanses the whole world. Then everyone gets judged in front of God in judgement day and get sent to either the lake of fire/”hell”/gehenna or the new heaven new earth new Jerusalem. Whether or not “judgement day” occurs to people immediately after their death is a different matter altogether that really doesn’t even matter that much since everyone gets judged by God in the end. Those that prefer premillenialism/futurism are those that believe that God would save them from their suffering that God had predestined them…

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Is Christianity a Religion?

Here’s some words defined by Bouvier Law Dictionary 1856 Edition: LIEGE, from the Latin, ligare, to bind. The bond subsisting between the subject and chief, or lord and vassal, binding the one to protection and just government, the other to tribute and due subjection. The prince or chief is called liege lord; the subjects liege men. The word is now applied as if the liegance or bond were only to attach the people to the prince. Stat. 8 Hen. VI. c. 10; 14 Hen. VIII. c. 2; 1 Bl. Com. 367. RELIGION. Real piety in practice, consisting in the performance of all known duties to God and our fellow men. 2. There are many actions which cannot be regulated by human laws, and many duties are imposed by religion calculated to promote the happiness of society. Besides, there is an infinite number of actions, which though punishable by society, may be concealed from men, and which the magistrate cannot punish. In these cases men are restrained by the knowledge that nothing can be hidden from the eyes of a sovereign intelligent Being; that the soul never dies, that there is a state of future rewards and punishments; in fact that the most secret crimes will be punished. True religion then offers succors to the feeble, consolations to the unfortunate, and fills the wicked with dread. 3. What Montesquieu says of a prince, applies equally to an individual. “A prince,” says he, ” who loves religion, is a lion, which yields…

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Salt in My Tears

There are many misunderstood qualities of the common table salt that are harmful to the body, sea salt is no exception. Latin America is being dosed with uncontrolled amount of fluoride through sodium fluoride: Fluoridated Salt Take note of “Kellogg”, and also the huge amount of variables that fluoridated salt experiment didn’t take into consideration that might had attributed to their better dental health like say, an improving economy, westernization, education, hygene, and diet. It’s a corporate funded experiment that isn’t a double blind or triple blind study, the same corporation that had worked with IG Farben (AKA: Bayer). Although I don’t believe in the Holohoax, I don’t believe that Nazi Germany was 100% good, it was more of an 50/50 thing. On one side, they used to be Zionists but for political reasons, the British government abandoned Germany. On another side, they were controlled by some Zionist Jews that killed off the anti-Zionist Jews that were sent to the labor camps to keep them suppressed which Typhus happened to broke out (no that is not because of the Jews). For the 13 years that Hitler made Germany great again before Hitler implemented the pre emptive strike method to save some persecuted Germans in other countries say in Poland that sought help from their motherland, there were no Freemasons, no banking Jews, no degenerate culture that the Jews brought into Germany after WWI, it’s pretty much the exact opposite of what Merkel’s doing. Hitler’s Germany used fluoridated water in the…

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Sugar Baby Love

Sugar, sugar, sugar! One of the most notorious, misunderstood word in health is sugar. Not everything sweet is sugar, not everything called sugar is good sugar. Good sugars are vital for energy, while bad “sugars” are creating toxins from within the body in trying to process it. Even good sugars are to be avoided in some cases, but even so, without “sweets”, your body is incomplete. God had made good things in nature sweet as proof that something is good to eat. Just as cooking meat gives off a good, savory aroma that naturally produces a biological response to salivate in some people, so is sweet foods bear signs of nutrition that the body craves for. Instinctively, sour and bitter foods at times gives a negative response, but if it was supposed to be sweet, it is spit out. However, in experience, if it provides the body nutrition and promotes well being, you learn to eat it. What I am saying is that it is a learned behavior to think of sour, bitter, pungent foods to be healthy for one’s health, while it is not learned behavior to seek after sweet food. Many sweet foods are naturally full of fiber, proteins, enzymes, and such. However, not all naturally sweet foods are naturally safe to eat, that should be a given by now. All carbohydrates are “sugar”, but there is qualitative differences in its structure. What we call sugar is usually the very sweet form that is processed for its sweetness.…

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What does the voices say?

Our voices reveal much of who we are and what we think. Every voice is unique and has its own voice signature. That is well known, well studied topic in modern science, but there’s much more to this that is yet to be discovered. I will be presenting to you a general blueprint of what I think is going on concerning the nature of voices. Vibration occurs in everything, whether that is sounds or light. Light is not matter, we forget that light bulbs are in a vacuum chamber, there is no matter leaking. Light is a field. In destroying matter, it causes field pertubations but it’s not emiting light, a charge is being released as light. There is no physicality to light, but light exists. Sounds is also field pertubation. Sound waves are real, but not a physical matter in itself. It doesn’t come from matter, but it could affect matter. Anything that can resonate has energy. A concentrated form of sound waves in water in all directions to a central point creates light via sonoluminiscense. There is no such thing as wave-particle duality for a field can’t ever be quantified. Electrons and photons are not physical, there’s no physical electron matter flowing through a vacuum from the induction coil to the electric toothbrush. Light is an coaxial, electrical, magnetic, dielectric circuit, a transverse vibration, a longitudinal disturbance as a sound wave in the aether. A candle light’s velocity is as fast as the sun’s light. The velocity of…

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